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The Green Frog Development Solutions Team

Our consultants have a great depth of understanding and experience, a knack for clarifying the problem to be solved and the experience and know-how to deliver the right solutions.

For more details, or to discuss your project, please contact our team of experts:

Tel: +44 (0) 1452 764685 Email: land@gfds.co.uk

The Green Frog Development Solutions Team

Andrew King


(E) andrew.king@gfds.co.uk

(T) 01452 764691

Ian Harding


(E) ian.harding@gfds.co.uk

(T) 01452 764690

Kelly Clutterbuck

Head of Development

(E) kelly.clutterbuck@gfds.co.uk

(T) 01452 764718

James Hartley

Head of Planning

(E) james.hartley@gfds.co.uk

(T) 01452 764689

Edd Shuttleworth

Land and Acquisitions Surveyor

(E) Edd.shuttleworth@gfds.co.uk

(T) 01452 764730

Chloe Goding

Connections Coordinator

(E) chloe.goding@gfds.co.uk

(T) 01452 764729