Landowner opportunities

Diversify your income...

Hosting an energy project is a great way to diversify your income. You can secure a reliable income for a 25 year lease of 0.3 - 2 acres of land. For suitable sites we are able to offer a competitive long term rental income or purchase land at market rate.

If you are interested in hosting an energy project on your land working directly with Green Frog Development Solutions will put your site in the strongest position for energisation, ensuring you achieve the best possible ground rent and service along the way - with zero capital cost and risk.

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Green Frog manage the entire development process for every project in house so you can be comfortable that a single company will manage your development from first meeting through to construction and operation for the life of the project.

The process is simple. We will assess the sites suitability through a desktop study and site visit. If the site looks suitable we need to verify the project's connection to the electrical and gas networks in your local area. To enable this we require a Letter of Authority (LOA) from the landowner - this simply grants us permission us to submit a grid application on the landowner's behalf. If the electrical connection is looking feasible and the landowner would like to continue working with Green Frog we will agree the rental deal and commercial terms and all being well we will enter into the development process. From here we will prepare and submit planning and instruct the legal terms to complete the option to lease documentation. If the project achieves planning consent we will look to enter into the lease and start construction as soon as possible.

For further information please call 01452 764685 or email us at

We offer a free site assessment on every opportunity



  • Competitive annual income for 25 years
  • Zero capital cost to landowner
  • Zero risk to landowner
  • Possible land purchase
  • Small land-take required (typically about an acre)

What we need

  • 0.3 - 2 acres of land
  • Close proximity to the gas and electrical network (Don't worry we can check this for you)
  • Preferably outside of national and international designations (AONB's, SSSI's etc.)
  • Brownfield / Industrial land favored (but we will consider all sites across the UK!)

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