Grid Consultancy

Connecting your project to the grid

We at Green Frog Development Solutions have many years experience developing out conventional and renewable generation plants for both individual land owners and commercial clients.

With a proven track record, we can assist you in getting your project connected to the grid, or on your own private network, within budget and within your desired timescale.

For more details, or to discuss a free feasibility assessment, please contact our team of experts:

Tel: +44 (0) 1452 764685 Email:

Our in-house expertise and in group independent connections provider Green Frog Connect, will help you get the most out of any connection requirements you may have, as well as getting you the best value for money.

We can provide full turnkey solutions for your project connection with project and contract management throughout. We have overseen the full development lifecycle and subsequent build out of over 600MW of energy generation projects.

Currently in the UK viable grid offers for connected projects are becoming increasingly harder to secure due to fierce competition, often with other developers and independent consultants submitting numerous applications and holding on to grid offers for sites which will never be developed or connected. At Green Frog we pride ourselves in representing our clients fairly and being a responsible developer, working with your local distribution network operator transparently.