Gas fired generation

Generating electricity when the demand is at it's greatest

The UK is entering a period of power instability due to a phase of high base load power station decommissioning coupled with the presence of renewable generation providing intermittent power to the network. Our gas fuelled generating stations are vital in balancing the network, responding in seconds to the demands of the National Grid, ensuring the power you receive is constant.

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As a group Green Frog Power are currently the leading supplier of backup power to National Grid in the UK and the largest delivery company within the STOR market.

Green Frog Development Solutions Ltd manage the acquisition and development of gas fired generation plants across the UK on behalf of Green Frog Power Ltd. Working alongside our sister companies we are able to provide a full turnkey solution to every gas generation project ensuring every project is given the best chance of energisation quickly and swiftly.

Depending on the available electrical capacity a gas generatin station occupies between 0.3 - 2 acres of land. For suitable sites we are able offer a competitive long-term rental income or will purchase land at market rate.

We are currently looking for land which is close to the electrical and gas network and is circa 300m from residential properties. If you have land which may be suitable for a gas fuelled generation plant please don’t hesitate to get in touch - for the most competitive deal we urge you to contact us directly.


Gas Benefits

  • Full turnkey solution to every gas generation project
  • Competitive long-term rental income
  • Land purchase at market rate
  • In 2016-17 we will build £150 million worth of new gas plant nationwide
  • Leading supplier of backup power to National Grid

Gas Generation FAQ

What does a gas fired generating station look like? 

Our generation plants consist of a number of a number of bespoke containers housing our generators and associated equipment. The containers are screened and secured by security fencing and acoustic fencing. 

Are they noisy?

The engines are housed in sound insulated containers and the site is then typically surrounded by an acoustic fence to minimise noise when the plant is operational. We also assess any potential noise nuisance at the projects feasibility stage and will not locate a project near residential housing where any noise levels would be exceeded.

What about emissions?

The emissions are monitored carefully on each site and every site is assessed to ensure it meets all legal limits. Green Frog Genovate ensure all emissions are reduced to a suitable level.

How much space do I require?

A typical gas fired generating station occupies between 0.3 – 2 acres of land.

Why are they needed?

Our generating stations are more important than ever ensuring your lights are kept on when current demand cannot be met supporting the security of the UKs energy supply. This is often in the winter months during peak hours however they can be required at times of peak demand at any point in the year.

National Grid has estimated that the network needs to double its standby peaking capacity by 2020 to avoid rolling blackouts.

Do they run 24/7?

No, typically we operate around 2000 hours a year and only when required.

What is the capacity market?

The capacity market is part of the Governments Electricity Market Reform (EMR) programme designed to ensure that sufficient reliable generation is available at times of peak generation ensuring consumers receive secure and affordable electricity.

Generators which secure a capacity market obligation in the yearly auctions held by National Grid receive a steady and predictable revenue. If they do not, they are subject to very large fines!

Green Frog is an active participant in the Capacity Market. We enter all buildable sites into the yearly auctions however receiving a capacity market obligation is not a prerequisite to progressing an opportunity. 

What will it cost me?

Green Frog Development Solutions cover all development costs and in return we pay competitive long term rentals. Contact us to see what you could earn by leasing your land to us.