Energy Storage

Commercial energy storage for the future

Green Frog Development Solutions are at the forefront of developing back up generation to the National Grid and as key player in the energy sector we are uniquely placed to be a leader in the growing energy storage market.

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The technology has existed for a number of years however it is now getting to the stage where it is commercially viable. For suitable sites we are able to offer an attractive long term rental income.

We assess every project closely to determine the best and most beneficial opportunities for our clients. We are finding that in areas constrained by the electrical or gas network, battery storage is the most suitable technology and will also support the electrical network for years to come. By being technology neutral we can ensure every opportunity is given a full assessment and the most suitable technology is deployed.



  • Long-term rental income
  • Deploy the most suitable technology
  • Each project assessed individually
  • A leader in back-up generation